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Saturdays are for sutures

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

It's day 10 since my surgery and today is the first day that I have not taken any pain medicine, which is another milestone in my recovery. Each day I feel 10% better, although I am experiencing some strange sensations in my head that will hopefully go away soon.

I am grateful for many things this past week. My in-laws, Tommy and Holly and my parents were such a huge help for Jeremy and I. Tommy built another shelf for all of my new plants in our kitchen and Holly and I went to a Gentle Yoga class at In Balance Yoga Studio.

My parents came over Wednesday evening with an lovely meal prepared by Shirley Woodall: roasted butternut squash soup, spinach quiche, quinoa salad and blueberry crisp.

Erin picked me up on Friday and took me to get my first pedicure since running my 50 miler. Jennifer, Ashleigh, and Korine dropped off yummy food as part of our meal train and I came home to several surprise packages in the mail: a cozy wrap from my college roomie's mom (thank you Lisa!), a beautiful tree print and encouragement cards from my Craig County childhood friend, Kelly, and some therapeutic lavender products from Alexis, all the way from FL! I also continue to receive all your cards and words of encouragement, which make me smile as I read every single word. Thank you.

Today is exciting day for me because my sutures were finally removed and I get to wash my hair tomorrow! This is the longest I've gone in my entire life without washing my hair. It's beyond greasy and I cannot wait for that glorious shower to (gently) scrub my scalp. I'm so thankful that my incision looks fantastic and that I have an awesome friend, Jen (ENT extraordinaire), who can make house calls to remove my sutures. It's an odd sensation to feel the thread coming out of your skin!

I am so thankful for all the exercise that my friends continue to give Huck. Michelle came over in the pouring rain and threw the ball with him. Nicole has taken him on two trail runs, while also delivering delicious breakfast burritos this week. Audra came all the way from downtown Roanoke for a trail run with Huck. He is having the time of his life with all of his trail running friends and I look forward to when I can join them again after my 6 week post-op appointment in mid-January.

The best news of all? I got the final word this week that my tumor is benign! There is so much to be thankful for this holiday.

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1 Comment

Dec 22, 2018

So glad to hear your recovery is progressing and that the tumor is benign!!! It’s so wonderful to hear all the beautiful things folks are helping you with as you go through this chapter and challenge. Love you friend!

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