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18' past year review and looking ahead ...

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Lost 20 lbs and transitioned to a plant-based diet

2018 was pretty transformative in the fact that I feel the fittest I've been since ... probably ever in my adult life. At this time last year, I decided to create some new habits so that I could become a stronger runner and feel better overall. I transitioned to "mostly" vegetarian and have seen some pretty cool results. I've always led a pretty active lifestyle, but it wasn't until I changed my eating habits that I started to see a difference. This is the best I've felt in my entire life, even more so than in high school.

I went from 150 to 130 lbs over a period of 6 months and am now stabilized at my leanest livable weight.

From high school .... to my college years ... and 2 years ago at 33

Me in 2018!

Below are several habits I've implemented to help maintain my leanest livable weight:

  1. Daily tracking. When I'm not traveling, I weigh myself every morning and record my exercise using a dry erase calendar. This keeps me in check and I can see progress over a 3 month period.

  2. Daily movement. Whether it's 30 minutes of walking, to a run, to a quick weight workout, it's important for me to get my heart rate up and endorphins flowing!

  3. Incorporating Dr. Esselstyn's recommendations into my cooking.

  4. I cook as often as possible and try to eat whole foods for most of my meals.

  5. When eating out, at social events, or on the road, I try to choose "healthy".

  6. I don't beat myself up if I get way off track and I certainly don't feel like I restrict myself. I drink wine, eat processed food, candy/sweets, but I try to do so in moderation.

Finished 4 ultra races, including accomplishing my 2018 goal to run my first 50 miler!

  • Gateway 50K

  • Highlands Sky 40 miler

  • Cloudsplitter 50K

  • Looking Glass 50 miler

In 2018, I gain over 198,000 in total elevation and ran/biked over 1,600 miles!

Made yoga a regular practice

In 2018, I became a member of In Balance Yoga, and will likely maintain my membership for a very long time. As a runner, I am prone to tight hips and hamstrings, but regular yoga has done wonders for my flexibility and has improved my overall strength, endurance, and running. I'm also sure it's the reason I have stayed injury-free this past year. Other added benefits for me have been reduced stress, better balance and mental focus.

The community is also very welcoming and I've made some great friends along the way.

Discovered that I had a brain tumor and did something about it.

(refer to earlier posts)

Looking ahead to 2019, I plan to make it the best year of my life. Most importantly, I plan to take the time to fully recover from brain surgery throughout the month of January.

2019 Goals:

New habit - meditate daily

Maintain 130-135 in lbs

Maintain year 2 of a healthy plant-based lifestyle

Another 50 miler ... out west!

  • May 11 - Ultra Race of Champions 50K

  • June 2 - Conquer the Cove 25K or Marathon

  • June 15 - Bighorn Ultra 50 miler in Wyoming

  • Oct 11-13 - WV Trilogy

  • Nov 9 - Old Glory

  • Just maybe in March 2020 - Chattanooga 100 miler!

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